About Us…

Instant Monogramming, Inc. is a custom embroidery and monogram shop owned and operated by the Bloom family in Rochester, New York.  The business was started in the living room of our Penfield home in September of 1983 with a single head, single needle machine.  Over the last few decades the shop has grown and now houses 37 sewing heads occupying a space on Rochester’s southeast side of over 4,000 square feet!

We specialize in large wholesale and contract embroidery which includes turning your artwork into a digitized file, counting in your items when they arrive, decorating your apparel and then a professional finish in our trimming department.  We are proud to now offer folding, bagging and labeling services to make your day easier as well as cloud cover for more wearable comfort.  We ship daily through the US Postal Service and FedEx and ship the items with your return address.

Embroidery continues to be the classiest way to show off your brand and we’re happy to help!

For retail embroidery, check out RK’s Embroidery Boutique at RKsBoutique.com.

The Bloom family would like to thank you for visiting, shopping and supporting our growing shop.  We could not do what we do without the loving support of our amazing customers and community!